Faisalabad is one of the biggest cities of Pakistan, and the hub of the textile industry. It is widely acknowledged as the Manchester of Pakistan due to its large industrial role. The quality of the fabrics produced in this city has no parallel. In fact, fabric is something of a specialty of Faisalabad. Many people from all over the country flock to this city for a spot of cloth shopping. We aim to provide you all of the best of Faisalabad at our store.


Grace Replica Store’s specialty is the traditional salwar kameez suiting, the chief of which is the lawn salwar kameez, which is also the most worn article of clothing in the entire country and is always in high demand. We deal in stitched as well as unstitched clothing. Our store hosts all major players of lawn manufacturing including Ittehad Textile, Gul Ahmed, Five Star Textile, Nishat Textile as well as all renowned designer clothing like Sana Safinaz, Asim Jofa, Al Karam, Maria B, Lakhani and many others.


Our summer collection features stitched as well as unstitched articles of the fabrics lawn, cotton and Arabic lawn. Our printed lawn features collection from Batik Lawn, Barkha Lawn and Sohni Lawn. Embroidered collections as well as ready to wear collections are available.


Our winter collection features the fabrics linen, cambric cotton and khaddar. All of these are available in printed and embroidered articles.